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Current position: chr21:31,657,756..31,670,789
About ChIPBase browser

ChIPBase browser is a powerfull genome browser which is built on JBrowse and helps users easily visualize reference sequences, gene annotations, various ChIP-seq data, etc.

How to use:
1)Search term: Users can input an interested genomic region or gene name in the "Search box".
2)Coordinates format: ChIPBase Browser can surport two genomic coordinates formats in this page, "chr21:31,657,756..31,670,789 (recommended)" or "chr21:31,657,756-31,670,789". And both of them can be with or without comma ",".
3)Gene format: Users can input an interested gene name (official gene symbol, case-sensitive) like "SOD1"; or gene ID like "ENSG00000142168.14".