modSoftware: Software for RNA modifications

   We developed two stand-alone computational software, including modAnnotator and metaProfile, to to annotate and visualize RNA modification sites and their prevalence in the gene body from epitranscriptome sequencing data.
   If you make use of the data, tools and web-server presented here, please cite our RMBase paper (Sun et al. Nucleic Acids Res. 2016).
   The data, tools and files can be freely downloaded and used in accordance with the GNU Public License and the license of primary data sources.

Download the softwares

You can install the binary distributions or compile and install softwares in a Unix environment, such as Linux, Solaris, Windows Cygwin, or Mac OS X. You can unzip and extract the file with the following command: tar –xvzf xxx-0.1.tar.gz.

Software Package Type Version File Platform Download
modAnnotator Source Code 0.1 modAnnotator-0.1.tar.gz Linux
modAnnotator Binary 0.1 modAnnotator-0.1-bin.tar.gz Linux
metaProfile Source Code 0.1 metaProfile-0.1.tar.gz Linux
metaProfile Binary 0.1 metaProfile-0.1-bin.tar.gz Linux
plotProfile Source Code 0.1 plotProfile.R Linux