tRF Type Selector

About tRFinCancer

tRFinCancer provides an integrated view of how sequencing reads of tRFs are distributed among different types of cancers.

There are two ways you can use the tRFinCancer:

  1. After you input your sequencing reads of RNA and finish the prediction task, you can view the distribution of tRFs of interest in 32 types of cancer by clicking the button in the "Express in Cancers" column.
  2. You can also click the tRFinCancer in the top menu to use tRFinCancer more directly, with no need to run a prediction workflow.

In tRF Type Selector, you can choose the source tRNA (from which derives the tRFs of your interest) and the tRF type (which includes tRF-5, tRF-3, tRF-1). After clicking the button, you can view the expression profiles of the specific type of tRFs in 32 types of cancers, demonstrated as the number of reads of the specific type of tRFs identified in each cancer sample sequencing result.