lncRNA Function Prediction

A web-server to predict the function of lncRNA in specific kind of cancer based on RNA-RNA co-expresison networks.

 Cancer Type 


 Input the target lncRNA 


 Optional Parameters 

Example of HOTAIR in BRCA.

User Guide

  • We developed a web-based tool to predict ncRNA function basing on coding and non-coding co-expression networks.

    There are four parameters to customize. User can choose the cancer type and input the lncRNA name or ENSG id (ENSG id is recommended)then click Predict Function to do the function prediction.
    Optional settings includes the correaltion FDR value to filter the correalation matrix, the enrichment FDR value to filter the GO terms and KEGG pathways.

  • Here we offer an Example to show the predicted result of HOTAIR in BRCA.