Pancancer data statistics

Lists of Pancancer data
Disease Abb Disease Name Sample Number
Disease Abb Disease Name Sample Number
UCSuterine carcinosarcoma57
DLBCdiffuse large B-cell lymphoma47
ACCadrenocortical cancer77
UVMuveal melanoma79
KICHkidney chromophobe91
READrectum adenocarcinoma103
GBMglioblastoma multiforme171
TGCTtesticular germ cell tumor154
PAADpancreatic adenocarcinoma183
PCPGpheochromocytoma & paraganglioma185
UCECuterine corpus endometrioid carcinoma204
ESCAesophageal carcinoma195
CESCcervical & endocervical cancer309
COADcolon adenocarcinoma331
KIRPkidney papillary cell carcinoma321
LIHCliver hepatocellular carcinoma421
BLCAbladder urothelial carcinoma426
STADstomach adenocarcinoma450
OVovarian serous cystadenocarcinoma425
SKCMskin cutaneous melanoma470
LGGbrain lower grade glioma523
LUSClung squamous cell carcinoma548
PRADprostate adenocarcinoma548
HNSChead & neck squamous cell carcinoma564
THCAthyroid carcinoma571
BRCAbreast invasive carcinoma1212
KIRCkidney clear cell carcinoma603
LUADlung adenocarcinoma574
Pantissues data statistics

Lists of Pantissue data
Tissue Abb Tissue Name Sample Number
Tissue Abb Tissue Name Sample Number
BrainBrain Mixed Tissue1146
SkinSkin Mixed Tissue813
Salivary_GlandSalivary Gland55
BreastBreast Tissue179
VaginaVagina Tissue84
OvaryOvary Tissue88
UterusUterus Tissue78
HeartHeart Mixed Tissue376
MuscleMuscle Tissue396
Blood_VesselBlood Vessel Mixed Tissue604
Adipose_TissueAdipose Mixed Tissue515
Adrenal_GlandAdrenal Gland127
ThyroidThyroid Tissue277
LungLung Tissue287
SpleenSpleen Tissue99
PancreasPancreas Tissue165
EsophagusEsophagus Mixed Tissue651
StomachStomach Tissue173
ColonColon Tissue304
Small_IntestineSmall Intestine92
ProstateProstate Tissue100
TestisTestis Tissue165
NerveNerve Tissue278
PituitaryPituitary Tissue107
BloodBlood Tissue444
LiverLiver Tissue110
KidneyKidney Tissue27
Fallopian_TubeFallopian Tube5
BladderBladder Tissue9
Cervix_UteriCervix Uteri Mixed Tissue10
Bone_MarrowBone Marrow (CML)70
The statistics of high-throughput sequencing data in dreamBase

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