ENCORI (Encyclopedia of RNA Interactomes) is an openly licensed and state-of-the-art platform to facilitate the integrative, interactive and versatile display of, as well as the comprehensive annotation and discovery of, RNA-RNA and protein-RNA interactions by developing new software and pipelines to deeply mining thousands of high-throughput sequencing data of RNA-RNA interactome, CLIP-seq and degradome sequencing (degradome-seq).

ENCORI have been integrated with the processed interactions data with gene annotations, numerous signaling pathways and cancer genomics as well as transcriptomic data to improve the understanding of the functions and mechanisms of the regulatory networks mediated by RNAs and RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) in physiological and pathological processes.

Accompany with gene expression data of 32 types of cancers, ENCORI allows researchers performing Pan-Cancer analysis on RNA-RNA and RBP-RNA interactions. ENCORI also provides platforms to perform the survival and differential expression analysis of miRNAs, lncRNAs, pseudogenes and mRNAs.

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Statistics of ENCORI (last update: 11/20/2021)

  • Species: 23 Species
  • CLIP-seq data: 2,157 datasets
  • Degradome-seq: 100 datasets
  • RNA-RNA interactome: 59 datasets
  • RNA-seq data: >10,800 samples from 32 cancer types
  • miRNA-seq data: >10,500 samples from 32 cancer types
  • Disease data: >3,236,000 mutations from 366 disease types
  • miRNA-ncRNA(CLIP): >1,600,000 interactions
  • miRNA-mRNA(CLIP): >2,900,000 interactions
  • RBP-mRNA: >2,900,000 interactions
  • RBP-ncRNA: >2,600,000 interactions
  • RNA-RNA: >2,150,000 interactions
  • miRNA-ncRNA(degradome): >32,000 interactions
  • miRNA-mRNA(degradome): >459,000 interactions
  • ceRNA: >22,000,000 pairs
  • function annoation: >34,000 functional terms from 21 categories
  • Pan-Cancer: Differential Expression,Survival Analysis,CoExpression